Employment contracts are put in place so that both the employee and employer know what to expect from each other. It will tell you what your rights are, as well as what you’re entitled to.

Even so, no one likes looking through pages of fine print, so here are a few things you should look out for:

-General information – office or work hours, office location, if the job is permanent or contract based, pay.

-Make sure you’re aware of any recent legal changes to retirement ages

-Planning to have kids? Check the maternity and paternity leave and pay offered.

-Check what benefits you’re entitled to – Medical aid, pension funds, leave, sick leave and any overtime pay or bonuses.

-KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – it’s important to know what is expected from you and how you will be measured.

-Is there a probation period? How long is it? If the job does not work out as planned, will you be held to a notice period? Will you be held responsible for paying back any other fees like a recruitment fees or study fees?

-If you leave this job, will you be held to a restraint of trade? What are the terms?

And most importantly, if there is anything ambiguous that you don’t quite understand don’t be shy about asking for clarity.

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