To celebrate her hard work and announcement as Recruitment of the Month, we thought we’d let you get to know Tammy a little better.

What do you love most about recruitment?

I love helping people find employment. It is very rewarding to make someone’s day/year/life by giving them a successful career.

What is your least favourite thing about recruitment?

My least favourite thing about being a recruitment consultant is having to relay regret to candidates who were not successful in being placed, especially when they are in such high hopes and in desperate need of a job.

Have you ever had to ask a candidate something strange to find out if they fit the criteria?

Thankfully not.

Tell us about your very first job –

I was a sales executive for a signage company. I would have to call on new clients and do presentations to try sell signage space for companies. I was very young though and the distance I needed to travel just got a bit much especially with my car being unreliable.

Have any recruitment related questions for Tammy? Email her.

Working for you, all day everyday….


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