If you’are applying for lots of jobs but not getting any responses, this could be for you –

The top 5 things you’re doing wrong when applying for a job:

1 Applying for the same job through multiple recruitment agencies.

“We interview a candidate, go through the whole process, submit them to the client, and once they find out who the client is then they register with another agency and let them submit their CV to the same client. Then all the agencies end up boxing with that agency/client to see who submitted the CV first etc.”

This doesn’t help candidates get a better offer; it just takes longer and makes all the agencies a little hesitant to work with them again.


Pregnant? Even if it is early on, you might want to let us know. No, we’re not going to go around telling people your big news, but we do want to help you find the right working environment, and being pregnant plays a big role in that.

3Overshooting the salary bracket.

No, there’s nothing wrong with having some ambition, but when you’re earning R10,000 and the job is advertised at R40,000 we recommend you make sure you at least meet the minimum requirements.

4Check the job spec!

The job title might sound the same or similar to yours but the job spec will tell you what industry it’s in. Unless you’re wanting to make a complete career change, of course.

5Apply, then call, and email, and call again.

The standard waiting time is 2 weeks. If you haven’t heard from the recruiters in that time, your application was unsuccessful. You checked your CV before you sent it so if they needed to call you, they’d have your contact details. Unless you were thinking of asking for help with your job search, don’t call them.

If you’re not doing any of these things, you might need some professional help – call us and we’ll help you find the right job for you.

Working for you, all day everyday….


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