You’ve seen a job that sounds like it was made for you, polished up your CV and sent it off, fingers crossed.

What happens next?

You wait, you get anxious, you email the recruiter again, and when you don’t hear anything you get a little annoyed.

Before you lash out at the recruitment agent, think about the other side of the coin. That job was great, right? You applied for it so it must be. Then we can guarantee that a few other people thought so too. That’s why on a slow day our team receives 120 CVs… EACH!

We comb through each application, because our goal is always to find the perfect candidate. Some cover letters and mails tell us which jobs the candidates are applying for, but most don’t so we take a look through the detailed documents and guess.

From there we divide the CVs up into groups – people that we think are great candidates and need to contact for an interview, people we need to contact for more information and people who aren’t right for the role. If you’re not right for the role, your CV goes on file.

Whenever we get a new job listing we first check the CVs we have before we post the job advert.

How long does all this take?

We work within the typical recruitment time frame of 2 weeks – that’s why most job adverts often say, if you haven’t heard from us in two weeks you can assume you’ve been unsuccessful. But, like we said, any unsuccessful CVs go on file for future positions and you can, of course, continue to apply for other positions.

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Working for you, all day everyday….


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